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Dr. Blueberry's House

VFX Supervisor | Lead Animator | Puppeteer

Swing Gang Lead | 2nd AC

Following a conversation on set with the director, I was entrusted with so much creative freedom. Constructing and tearing down sets, creating props, and building puppets became my pastime. When I came on set, I had only begun learning After Effects, and GARETH proved to be a perfect way to test my newfound abilities.

GARETH is a main supporting character in this production. As a robotic assistant created by Dr. Blueberry, what GARETH understands about history, culture, and science, he fails to comprehend about human emotion. My challenge was to show his struggle to become more human as he helps other characters navigate the Biblical story of Daniel. I decided to show his emotional endeavors by altering his waveform mouthpiece to  match the tone of his lines. 

What started as building puppets and waveforms in After Effects, turned into an incredible journey. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the director looked at me and said, "You know, I think you've been a part of every stage of this project." A privilege to be sure. As the production continued, I was afforded the opportunity to build virtual sets, design virtual characters, and animate key dream sequences for the show. Using Photoshop and After Effects, this show challenged me to think outside the box and use my imagination to create the weird and wacky world of Daniel in Nebudchadnezzar's Babylon. 

The Hallway 

Creating the Hallway

Arioch: The Chief Executioner

The Throne Room (Daniel's Perspective)

The Throne Room (The King's Perspective)

Dream Sequence Part I

Creating the Statue

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