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Go Yeti

Animator | Co-Creative Director


"In your freezer, way at the back, behind the fish sticks and the ice cream, is a secret world where Go Yeti, Corgalope, and their cool friends live."


Since Go Yeti's debut in October of 2020, I've had the pleasure promoting his account from one that only friends and family followed, to a profile with over 600 followers. As one of three creative directors for Go Yeti, world building, storytelling, and character development are at the forefront of each post and thus each animation. From subtle looping  movements, to mini-episodes, each post presents a challenge to develop the characters, tell a story, and create the illusion of life. 

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Creation: Will Lenzen Jr.

Production: Alex Ugelow

Illustration: Caroline Pereira, Isa Donaninho, and Rinadon

Animation: Mercedes Ronnander @cedes_ronnnader16

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